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Web & Digital

Responsive Web Design

‘Make a wish, send it in the air and the whole universe will conspire to make it true for you.'

An old belief teaches us the theory of positive thinking. But in today's world one needs to take conscious efforts for your wish to come true and believe us, it can happen.

In the modern era, the web of internet is the new universe and a website is that wish you send. If your wish is rightly placed and dressed then this whole internet help you to prosper. In other words, your website needs to be designed in such a manner that anyone and everyone should be able to travel through smoothly. Before that it should be selected to enter into from over billions of websites on the web.

We, being a modern day advertising agency, very well understand the importance of a friendly User Interface (UI) and an interactive User eXperience (UX). Both UI & UX can open the floodgates of sales and growth opportunities for your business. To build a website with amazing online customer experience, our developers, UI experts and UX designers make it a fun, interactive and stimulating browse.

There are different types of websites such as company website or a product catalogue website or an interactive website or even an eCommerce portal. Every type demands a different treatment in terms of look n feel and designing. Our designers take the target audience into consideration to put up a perfect website that fetches instant response.

One needs to ensure that a person visiting your website desires to stay there. Here comes the challenge for the designers. Selection of soothing colour schemes, user friendly style, easy thoroughfare and instant engagement are the most vital aspects to consider. But the toughest task is to fit everything in the given branding guidelines. The colours, designs, photographs must match the brand identity for the overall promotional campaign.

A website has to be open ended to face the challenges provided by the ongoing technology. Users these days prefer multiple mediums like a desktop or a laptop, a smartphone or a tab to view a website. An ideal website needs to be fluidic and should be able to be viewed smoothly on any medium. That's called a responsive website.

Website Development

Website is your gateway to the cyber world. It's your universal address and a touchpoint where you showcase your business, services, products, corporate vision and ethos. There are some websites that actually sell the products or services through them.

While an attractive designing gives a visual treat and friendly operative experience for a user, the smooth website experience depends on a good web development.

Designing is creative while development is technical. It involves a team of web programmers for web development. It's more of a software.

At White Warbler we understand the difference very well and we've set up an end to end web solution platforms where a client gets the desired results, no matter the complexity. The programmers at our web department understand different natures of websites and their potential visitors.

There are many challenges. Most people don't like complications or puzzles. They want simplicity and convenience. A larger audience demands the information and data available on a single click. Yet on the development front it may not be as easy. But a good programmer always looks a cakewalk.

Whenever a user tries to find a certain website on a search engine, he might not know the name. He wants a particular task to be done. So, our researchers have to peep into his mind and guess the keywords he or she might search. This is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which is also a major part in web development these days. A user must come finding your website and not the other way round. The content is generated on the well researched keywords and our web developers intersperse them in the meta tagging to make it more searchable.

Digital Marketing

This is the newest baby on board. Whenever one thinks of a marketing plan, digital marketing instantly climbs up the ladder.

Every media has its pros and corns. Mass media reaches to a larger audience even though one doesn't require all of them to be tapped, and of course it comes with a heavy cost. Whereas personal media like cold calling and meetings sucks a major portion of your budget if the result is considered. That is the reason of the rise of this new media of Digital Marketing. It can be your ‘personalized mass media'.

Spend the amount you have on the way you want. There's no lower or upper limit. Select your own audience, reach out to the restricted area, still sell your products globally. That's the beauty of this media. Popular social networking sites and search engines like Google Search, Emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube are collectively or individually used as the Digital Media. It is the most effective way of advertising, today.

But it's not as easy as it seems. At White Warbler Communications, we have a strong workforce who capably handle this responsibility. Like any other media strategy plays the most vital role in digital marketing. The main objective of all the activities on these media is to fetch more and more traffic to your website. Therefore, one needs an attractive and responsive website.

We help you open and operate your accounts and pages on the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. We post various messages on your behalf on these accounts to keep the buzz going. This ongoing campaign is supported by an email marketing drive. We interact with your visitors and keep them engaged with interesting content. The key to digital marketing is visibility and consistency. Both are related and depend on each other.

White Warbler offers the following specialized Digital Marketing services:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Fact is, traditional print media, newspapers, magazines follow set timeframes to reach your customer. Digital media practically stays with them 24/7. It is today the leading medium they trust for getting information on brands, products and services. Just like a powerful website, Digital Marketing is not optional anymore either.