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Electronic Media

TV Commercial*(Radio Jingle)

Remember an attractive girl sitting at a table in a restaurant talking by looking at a well dressed elderly man who thinks she's asking something to him and he goes to her when she finishes her conversation on her tiny mobile phone and orders for ‘one black coffee' to the suited man thinking that he's a waiter. That was the famous ‘one black coffee' commercial for Ericsson mobile. The brand today doesn't even exists, but the TV commercial stayed with us.

That's the beauty and power of a Television Commercial or popularly known as a TVC or an ad film. It is the most interesting way to promote your product or service.

An intriguing leading to the unexpected climax and slowly unfolding the features of the product is an absolutely challenging task for a creator. You have to hook, entertain, engage and then convince the viewer to buy the product. All this in not more than 30 seconds. Television is in expensive media that charges for a slot of 10 seconds and multiples of it. It reaches to the millions at once and hence a good TV commercial is always remembered.

But now with the rise of social media, video has become a hot keyword and there's no need of a television channel to show your brand commercial. You can publish it through YouTube and then circulate it to the desired audience via Facebook or Twitter.

White Warbler's TV Commercials reveal the importance of a concept in this short video format. At the same time, bad execution of a good concept is capable of destroying the effect. Hence, we've strategic tie ups with the extremely talented pool of technicians, equipment vendors, production managers, casting agents and many more. We hire the best of post production studios with the best of editors and VFX artists.

Together they add a great impact to a TV Commercial to leave a lasting impression. And, people tend to watch their favourite commercials over and again on social media.

Corporate Videos

Can you carry your entire set up to your client's place? No, mostly! Then a Corporate Video is ideal for you. It is one of the most effective ambassadors of your business.

The best corporate video should not ideally exceed 4 minutes. It normally contains the philosophy, offerings of services or products, manufacturing set up, quality policy & certifications along with the views by the promoters.

We see to it that the script for a corporate video should be tight enough to hold the audience for the entire time. A good voice over narrates the journey convincingly. The video, some call it an AV, is adorned by the suitable infographics and engaging animation to give an impressive look.

We have joined hands with the talented and experienced technicians for a dynamic corporate video production. This is a kind of format where there are no professional actors depicting the characters nor there is a fictional story to tell. A corporate video is based on the journey and offerings of an organization. Therefore, it requires the lifeless machineries and buildings need to look glamorous. The people who tell the story of the brand need to look honest as well as fluent.

A corporate video could be made in different types like Live Action Video, Motion Graphic, Whiteboard animation, etc. It depends on the nature of the organization and the taste of the audience.

The success of a corporate video depends on its speed – not too slow to be boring and not too fast to be exhausting. Ideal amount of content and optimum speed is a winning combination of any good Corporate Video.