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Content Strategy

Content is a communication and that is why the most integral part of any media. With the growing number of media types of content are also growing. Earlier there were only words or text. But now a days the content changes with every media. For example it can be text for a website while an Instagram post will have a picture or a video as a content and in YouTube a well made video can be your content. This is just a broad outline. You need to plan the content well in advance for it to be authentic and right.

A content strategy consists of the planning, creating and maintaining of such content. Every business that goes online needs a content strategy looking at the growing competition. Someone sitting in another corner of the world may be your competitor and you have to be apart from them to prove your metal. A good content strategy makes you unique and at the same time help you find cost effective ways to attract traffic to your website.

This is a team effort that White Warbler too doesn't do alone. We spend time talking about your marketing plan and research accordingly.

There are some important aspect to take into consideration;

  • Target audience

  • FAQs in the minds of the audience

  • Competitor's strategy to make your's unique

  • Types of contents

  • Desired Media

  • Planning and scheduling

Research and analysis plays a great role in content management. At times you need not be creative, but your content has to be useful for the viewer. And one should remember that there are different kinds of readers with different kinds of taste. So, you can't offer only one type of content to them. Therefore knowing your audience and their problems is crucial. Once, you come to know about them, things become easier to distribute the content into different clusters. You can then cater and treat the content as per the taste your audience.

Though the content strategy is planned well in advance, it needs constant attention and requires alterations to be a step ahead of your competitor.

Brand Storytelling

Who doesn't like a story? A good story is always remembered. And believe us, it's one of the most effective way to connect easily to your audience.

Yes, global brands like Coca Cola and Google too have been successfully telling the stories of their brands. Remember, biographies and biopics always sell. People like to know about what goes behind the big fa�ade of a brand. They get inspired by the innovative ideas you had come up with in the time of crisis. They get moved by your hardships. They are thrilled by your challenges and feel the adrenal rush when you fight back.

You have to have a story as brand and we have to have a way of telling it as an advertising agency. Many times, the promoters or the people who were so busy building a brand don't find anything exciting as a story in their journey. But they forget that it's their journey that is the biggest interesting story.

When we see that we are curious about your brand, we actually are looking for a story. You don't have to be selling fried chicken going door to door like Colonel Sanders of KFC. By the way, do you know that story? Yes, you knew it. It means you know about KFC. That's how it works. An interesting story always helps a brand to be recalled. This is no accident. It's always a strategic move to introduce a story and promote it across the media.

White Warbler helps you find your own story and creates an avenue to tell it to the audience. It may be even heard by them who are irrelevant to your brand now. But who knows they find something interesting? We use different media go your story viral. Social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram are really useful for this. We even use WhatsApp for the effective marketing. Again, it's all done to attract web traffic to your site and ultimately growth in the sales charts.