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Brand Strategy | Brand Identity | Logo Design


Brand Strategy

Like excellence, a good brand is never an accident. It is a result of thoughtful, channelized and painstaking efforts. A mere name, a word or a group of syllables is turned around into a powerful brand to control the hearts. Put simply, Branding is all about Being Memorable, while Branding Strategy is a clear roadmap to help your business in Staying Memorable.

A brand needs a homeground where it can play whole heartedly for the gallery. The gallery is your target audience and the homeground is brand positioning.

We put our experience together to chart out a realistic and efficient plan to for easy brand recognition and ready recall. The roadmap of a strategic branding involves an extensive study of consumer behavior and patterns. Then it's put together into a seamless stream of multiple media bouquet – each one effective individual as well as in tandem. And then follow generating higher market goodwill, ensuring constant customer delight, enhancing trust and achieving better sales.

A well-defined brand strategy gives you vital clues to customer behavior, keeps you updated on emerging market trends and assists you in optimizing your expense on media. It's your tool to re-invent, reprogram and fine-tune your products, services and marketing efforts to keep your customers, and inch into your competitor's market share.

Brand Identity

Does your brand call out for its customers or do your customers recall your brand in their need? Then, your brand has a serious identity crisis.

A brand needs a unique identity to stand out and to be recalled. The identity is directly related to the consumers of your brand. It can be aspirational though. A memorable logo, eye catching color combinations, a unique design pattern or a specific font. We drape your brand in an attire that its consumers would never forget. Uniformity holds the key in brand identity. They instantly recognize the distinctive elements of your brand's identity on your packaging design, or in your online ad, and drives them to the next step. The purchase.

The brand wears a character that will speak for itself. The suggestive appeal is an outcome of conscious efforts. Particular colours, fonts, design. They all talk about the personality of your brand whether it's aggressive or subtle. The target audience instantly connects to it and the communication begins.

At White Warbler, our team carefully churns out exciting ways to use the elements of your brand identity in printed (ads, brochures, packaging), audio-visual (TVCs, Radio Jingles) and social media to help you differentiate and deliver to the plan.

Logo Design

Every logo comes with its purpose. The style changes with the purpose whether it is representing an organization or a product/service. They are the face of the product as well as of the organization. Like brand identity, a logo also has a character that connects with its target audience.

It is the one simple, yet hardest working member of your brand identity that calls out to your customers, and conveys your corporate vision and mission in no more than a glance. It's your first touch point with your customers. The most crucial one!

Designing a single logo is no less than designing a whole advertising campaign at White Warbler. Being curious, we take keen interest in your organization, its values, offerings, working, people, history, target audience and aspirations. Then our illustrators and designers spend hours together put the entire organizational values and ethos into aesthetically communicative form of art.. that's the logo of your organisation! We combine the principles of beauty with functionality so you shine amidst your competition.

A logo or a symbol that we create, help it live upto its purpose. We ensure your logo looks majestic when reproduced in print, on product packaging, in audio-visual presentations, digital or online media.